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Ski map

Słotwiny Arena offers 10 ski slopes at different advancement levels of the total length of 6,5 km.  Winter sports enthusiasts are offered a chairlift, a complex of draglifts and “Kubuś-Ski Winter Playground” located at a children learning slope. Those who prefer more extreme sensations are given an opportunity of trying their hand at professional 600 meters long „Snow Park Arena” .

 Opening hours: 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. (from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.  – break for grooming)

Ski run 1 – MAIN

Accessed by a chairlift*. It runs along the chairlift and is artificially snowed and illuminated. The length of the ski run 1 is about 980 meters and is marked with  medium level of difficulty (red). The difference in slope levels is 163 meters. The best choice for the most demanding skiers.

Ski run 2a – NA POLANIE (on a glade)

Accessed by a chairlift, ski run 2a is is artificially snowed and groomed. Its’ length is about 1350 meters and it is marked with easy level of difficulty (blue). Intended for families with children and perfect for ski runs. At the beginning it runs through the forest, next through a wide slope, then gently through picturesque, extensive glade and finally it joins with the main slope and gives a possibility of skiing down to the lower chairlift station.

Ski run 3 – POD LASEM (by the forest)

Accessed by a chairlift, slope 2a is is artificially snowed and illuminated and is about 1100 meters long. It is marked with easy and medium level of difficulty (blue and red) – intended both for individual skiers and ski clubs (for trainings and organizing ski competitions). On account of perfect snow condtions, slope 3 is especially liked by the skiers. Here the snow remains the longest.



Ski runs 5, 6, 7

These are the ski runs joining drag lift „CZWÓRKA” with the chairlift. They are not artificially snowed but mechanically maintained when the amount of natural snow is enough. (access ski runs)

Ski runs 8 and 9

Situated next to „CZWÓRKA” drag lift, artificially snowed and groomed. Ski run 8 is 650 meters long and difference of the levels is 94 meters. Marked with easy level of difficulty (blue), intended for beginner skiers and for ski learners – that is why it is frequently employed by ski schools.

Ski run 10

Accessed by „CZWÓRKA” drag lift, the length of the ski run 10 is about 750 meters, and difference between levels is 94 meters. The farther reaching ski run at our ski resort. It is not mechanically maintained. It is intended for experienced skiers who are able to cope with difficult conditions and fresh snow.


A training ski run, intended for our youngest customers. Very easy, situated by the small „BABY LIFT” drag lift. It is 80 meters long, artificially snowed and illuminated, groomed and varied with colourful “Kubuś-SKI” obstacles and numerous attractions for children. It is located in the central part of our resort right next to the restaurant and a playground with slides, ladders etc.

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