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Traditional bonfire every Saturday

„Chata na Stoku” is located in a green, sunny valley right next to the pathway leading to the Krzyżowa Mountain. Our charming, cosy hotel and the restaurant are placed in a peaceful and picturesque area but, at the same time, close to the lively city centre of Krynica-Zdrój. That is why Słotwiny Arena is a perfect place to spend unforgettable weekend or holidays. The restaurant on the slope is open on Saturdays and Sundays for the hikers and tourists wandering across the Słotwiny mountain pasture.

Every weekend there is a great deal of treats but the main dish is roasted sausage cooked over a bonfire, which is made every Saturday. You are given an opportunity of spending the evening in a nice, family atmosphere.

Occasionally, some amazing meetings and live concerts take place. Musical instruments are truly welcome –and – as in the old times –  singing together, accompanied by the sound of guitars.

In case of any problems with access to Słotwiny Arena, we offer free transport for the groups of at least 4 people.

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